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Remember that it has been less than three years since the iPhone debuted, that the App Store has not yet reached its second birthday, yet it already offers 150,000 apps and has delivered more than 3 billion downloads.


Apple wants to friend you



ARTICLE: Apple sells 1 million iPads, outdoing first iPhone


Feds to look at Apple policy on programming tools


Steve Jobs: 'You won't be disappointed' by Apple keynote



  • What are you giving up? Well, you can't run any Web browser—only Safari, the one made by Apple. You can't play videos that are created in Adobe's Flash software, which is used for about 75 percent of all Web videos, including everything on Hulu.  
  • The iPad arrives ready to run virtually all the 150,000 apps that have been created for the iPhone over the past two years. Thousands more, built specially for the iPad, will arrive in short order. Apple has created iPad versions of its Mac-based word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps (available for 10 bucks each) and will preload the device with a few simple apps of its own creation: calendar, address book, photo manager, notepad, maps, e-mail, YouTube.
  • Apple has received preorders for 240,000 iPads, and some analysts project it could sell up to 5 million units in the product's first 12 months.


75 million iPhones and iPod Touch units have been sold.

Apple's sales grew 12 percent last year despite the recession.



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