Augmented Reality

Simple Augmented Reality

Time Horizon: Two to Three Years

DEFINITION: "Blending (augmenting) virtual data - information, rich media, and even live action - with what we see in the real world, for the purpose of enhancing the information we perceives with our senses is a powerful one." Horizon Report, page 21.


"Advances in mobile devices as well a in the different technologies that combine the real world with virtual information have led to augmented reality applications that are as near to hand as any other application on a laptop or a smart phone." - Horizon Report, page 21.


"Realta Aumentata"

Augmented Reality - The Future of Education

A thesis project by student at Valle Giulia Faculty of Architecture, Italy

September 29, 2010: CNN Tech: "Augmented" Reality on your Cell phone

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CNN speaks with Georgia Tech researchers about a program that allows cell phone users to see the world like never before. 

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