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Mobile Website

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Contains a list of links to various tutorials that are organized in a logical manner. Best link for everything that's needed for mobile web design.



(says things about dreamweaver cs3)


(step 1)


(step 2 to coding)


(useful tips and codes) 


(FAQs from w3c)

*Browsers known to us include all Mozilla-based browsers, such as Mozilla, Netscape 5 and higher, Galeon and Firefox, as well as Opera, Amaya, Camino, Chimera, DocZilla, iCab, Safari, and all browsers on mobile phones that accept WAP2(wireless application protocol. a browser for a mobile phone. google definition: 

  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open international standard for application-layer network communications in a wireless-communication environment. Most use of WAP involves accessing the mobile web from a mobile phone or from a PDA.)


iPhone: Safari

Droid: Nameless browser(default), but able to use Fennec(mobile firefox), Dolphin, and Opera Mini 5 if downloaded

Blackberry: also a nameless browser(default), or Opera Mini, or BOLT browser (downloads)


For a complete example of a mobile code, go to the MxCC Library mobile website. Right click and press "View Source" 



(includes an example of a compatible xhtml format for a very simple site. might be helpful)



(I did NOT download the file, but from comments it seems to have some good xhtml mobile website templates. I didn not want to download an unknown file without checking it first. I will try it at home this weekend. Seems helpful)





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